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Eduzaurus is rated 2.23 by ScamFighter and is not on our TOP Writing Services

Executive Summary

Finally! Real Eduzaurus Review (2023) | ScamFighter (2023) (1)

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Service features
Overall Rating - 2.23The Lowest Price - $ 18.00Minimum Deadline - 4.0 Hours

Another service that I want to tell you about is Eduzaurus. After spending a couple of minutes on this site checking the options offered by this service, I came to the conclusion that it is one of Edubirdie’s clones. It has the same structure, order form, list of writers, and prices. So, ordering on Eduzaurus is the same as using the service of Edubirdie. Nevertheless, I still prepared this eduzaurus review because there could be some new features. Read it, and you will find out whether there is a big difference between these two sites.

Finally! Real Eduzaurus Review (2023) | ScamFighter (2023) (2) Service Review

Eduzaurus has nothing specific or unusual except for a big dinosaur on the home page, though I didn’t meet it anywhere else on the site. The black and white choice of color palette confuses me because sometimes it is not clear whether this button works or not, and it looks quite depressive when everything is so grey and dark.

But let’s put my visual observations aside and concentrate on what this service is. Well, it is just yet another writing service with a team of writers who are supposed to be Master’s or Ph.D. degrees holders. You have an option to choose a writer for your paper yourself, but taking into account that the similar bidding system on Edubirdie is fake, I think that you can hardly choose a real writer here as well.

Finally! Real Eduzaurus Review (2023) | ScamFighter (2023) (3) Pros and Cons


  • 24/7 live chat


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  • An Edubirdie clone
  • Above average rates
  • Fake bidding
  • Non-negotiable prices
  • Fake plagiarism checker set on high

Finally! Real Eduzaurus Review (2023) | ScamFighter (2023) (4)Online reputation

In order to learn what customers say about this service, I searched for the eduzaurus reddit feedback but failed since there was not a single post or comment. On TrustPilot and Sitejabber, I was able to find a couple of comments. They all had good and excellent ratings, which made me believe that this service might not be so bad.

Finally! Real Eduzaurus Review (2023) | ScamFighter (2023) (5) Guarantees

The company does guarantee to return a full sum of money in case you are not satisfied with the quality of the received assignment. However, the QA agent will first perform an investigation to determine whether a writer indeed failed to satisfy your paper instructions.

But do not expect that it really guarantees a 100% money return. The agent is the one who decides how much money the company will compensate you if any at all. The partial eduzaurus refund includes the following cases. Read them below to be aware of possible partial refundable situations in advance.

Finally! Real Eduzaurus Review (2023) | ScamFighter (2023) (6) Types of Services

Eduzaurus’ writing services are all jumbled together in the order form. As far as I can tell, the most popular options include:

  • Academic writing
  • Admission services
  • Dissertation and thesis services
  • Business writing (content, business plan, speech, etc.)
  • STEM assignments
  • Math problems
  • Q&A

If you need academic help, you can choose among a couple of dozen subjects, alphabetized and ranging from African-American studies to Tourism. And aside from writing from scratch, you can get your paper edited or rewritten.

Finally! Real Eduzaurus Review (2023) | ScamFighter (2023) (7) Ordering Process

The ordering process is exactly the same as the one you see on Edubirdie and its clones.

  1. Click ‘Get Custom Essay’ on the main page.
  2. Choose your paper type, subject, number of pages and set the deadline.
  3. Add more details, like writer level, number of sources, and reference style.
  4. Provide detailed instructions or upload files.
  5. Sign up via email, Facebook, or Google account.
  6. Choose the writer among bidders.

One of the reasons I believe and state that Eduzaurus scam writers’ choice is a big fraud is that you can leave all fields blank. After placing an order, you will immediately get messages from writers claiming they’ve read your instructions and have experience in the required field. How do they know that if I didn’t even mention a subject?

That’s a simple test that I recommend you do if you still have an intention to use Eduzaurus. Create a blank order and have fun chatting with writers who say that they have read your instructions very carefully and know how to help you. Is Eduzaurus reliable? I don’t believe it is worth trusting a site that lies about how it works.

Finally! Real Eduzaurus Review (2023) | ScamFighter (2023) (8) Prices and Fees

I’m sorry to disappoint you if you expected me to share a detailed list of prices and rates. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing on Eduzaurus. They claim the writers are free to set their rates, but I found out through trial and error that there’s no way to get the prices to go below $22 to $25 per page regardless of the deadline, academic level, or paper type. And discounts are nonexistent on this site, just like any other Edubirdie clone site.

Considering the fake bidding process, I am sorry to pronounce Eduzaurus fraud.

Finally! Real Eduzaurus Review (2023) | ScamFighter (2023) (9) Paper Quality

I admit that my order was by no means original. I wanted a 4-page essay on the effects of the pandemic on the global economy. Considering the number of publications and a week-long deadline, it should have been a piece of cake for a professional getting paid $23 per page. And it was a huge flop.

The good news is that the paper was original (93.5% is acceptable). But the essay was a mess of random facts and numbers. It reads more like a newspaper article or a blog post than an academic paper. Worst of all, the paper had no thesis, so instead of following a single thread, it was convoluted and disjointed. The writer couldn’t even be bothered to do spellcheck. I found a couple of glaring errors on my first quick read-through. Overall, it feels like I was ripped off.

Finally! Real Eduzaurus Review (2023) | ScamFighter (2023) (10) Customer Support

There is a live chat. So, if you want to talk to an agent immediately, that is the fastest way to do that. Another method is to send a letter on the email address, but you will have to wait for about a day until you get a reply.

As for me, live chat is a perfect solution, and the agents are polite and friendly there. They are, maybe, a bit annoying, but in general, they do their work well.

Finally! Real Eduzaurus Review (2023) | ScamFighter (2023) (11) Offers and Extra Services

After you place an order, you will be offered to add a few extra services. They are quite standard such as, for example, progressive delivery or VIP support, and the price is average as well. However, a 1-page abstract for $42.00 is a true robbery. That’s an enormous cost for such a service, and I haven’t seen a similar price anywhere else.

There is one more extra feature which I want to tell you about - eduzaurus plagiarism checker. Do not trust it at any cost because no matter what text you copy and paste there, the result will always be the same. This tool will tell you that the text is highly unoriginal and offer you to place an order on Eduzaurus. Have you already figured out the true nature of this “plagiarism checker”?

The only function it performs is making a user believe that his or her work is plagiarized and only Eduzaurus can write a unique one. However, if you copy and paste an assignment written by an Eduzaurus’ writer, it will be deemed unoriginal as well. That’s really funny.


Is Eduzaurus legit?They seem yes. However, if you are dissatisfied with the paper, the refund will be possible after conducting an investigation. So there is no guarantee that you will receive a full or partial refund.
Is Eduzaurus reliable?Well, yes. But given the price I paid, my paper wasn't worth the money. The paper content was far from perfect, and the writer ignored some of my instructions and made grammar mistakes.
Is Eduzaurus scam?No, this writing service works, and I even got a paper on time from them. But as I said, the quality was poor, so it's better to find another service for ordering papers.
Is Eduzaurus safe?I believe, yes. When I was reading its policies and guarantees, I didn't notice any loopholes or outrageous conditions.
Is Eduzaurus trustworthy?My attempts to find out the company's reputation weren't very successful. There are only a few reviews on Trustpilot and Sitejabber, and they are all positive, which made me doubt their credibility.

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